Welcome to the Delta Portal 2.1

This Delta Portal is a part of the Delta Programme. The Delta Portal is a web-based geographical presentation tool that supplies information about the Delta Model and Delta Instruments in an appealing and accessible way for the purposes of the Delta Programme.

The Delta Portal provides access to information about the challenges facing water safety and freshwater that we need to address to keep our country safe and inhabitable. The site also presents the strategies from the nine sub-programmes.

The information in the Delta Portal can be used for support and communications associated with the five principal Delta Decisions for Water Safety, Spatial Adaptation, Freshwater Strategy, Rhine-Meuse Delta and the IJsselmeer Region.

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The Delta Portal is available to anyone interested in the Delta Programme. The 21st-century Water Safety maps have been posted on the portal on behalf of the DP Safety programme. The calculations about Safety and Freshwater come from the Delta Model. The strategy maps for the sub-programmes were supplied by the Delta-Atelier.

For more information, please contact the webmaster.